College sucks.

college boundWelcome, beware, and lighten up, because I can not promise that you will agree with everything that I say but I’m going to say it anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way a pessimist or an ill natured person. I am a college student and if that doesn’t explain it I don’t know what else will. I love college! Ok let me rephrase that I love being a student. Not quite, I love Auburn! Yeah that sounds better. I am a student at Auburn University and I have loved every second of being here. That being said, I’m sure those of you reading this who are currently students, or have not so long ago graduated, can attest to one simple fact. College sucks! And while that statement might sound harsh it, in my opinion, it is true. Now before you all become outraged let me explain. I came to Auburn in 2010 which just happened to be the year we won the national championship. I will never forget that year, the spirit around campus was electric. Weekends seemed to be a never ending extravaganza from the moment Friday began. Everyone was happy and school pride reached a whole new level. I remember thinking how lucky I was to have been accepted to a school where people cared about strangers just as much as they did their blood relatives. I was definitely feeling the love. And then life hit, sophomore year came and I remembered that I was in school and needed to maintain the GPA I had secured the year before. And as they should the courses got harder and harder. This I expected, but what I didn’t expect was that what was even harder than my classes was life. I had been under some naive assumption that the people I met freshman year would be the people I would retell drunk stories with when my grandchildren asked about their grandmother. But oh was I wrong. That’s life I have learned and college merely filters the toxins. So here I am watching my friends prepare for graduation and setting my eye on similar plans for next spring and all I can think is how much it all sucks. Most people in this day and age believe that to be successful and to have a career that is worthy of your mothers raving to her friends at church and lunch dates, requires a college degree. Most that is, but alas that is another story for another post. But really I have come to this wonderful institution, learned amazing things, picked up numerous skills, and yet as an English major in the field of Professional and Technical communication I fear that I will still never obtain that dream career. That is no fault of the university for which I owe my eternal gratitude, but life, life instead is the culprit to my squashed dreams. So that brings us full circle college taught me so much and made me the intellectual that I am today but I fear that once it’s over I will be left with empty memories and a job bagging groceries. I came I saw and I would like to think that I will conquer life but my future is unknown. When they drop you of at college they tell you how great it will be but they don’t tell you that it sucks. It sucks to make a life to get into a good rhythm and learn who you are, and just as you have erase it all because college is over and the world awaits.


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