Started from the bottom now we’re here.


     I would have used a better quote had this one not been so fitting! I promised myself when I started this blog that I would never bring football into it because here in the south especially, football is it’s form of religion. However after the recent turn of events i.e. the Marshall Miracle that took place in last night’s game against Georgia, I can’t help it. With the usual 7 a.m. start I was excited to get back out to tailgate after having missed the last home game because I was out of town.

     Everything was going according to usual, we were eating and drinking and everything was great. The game against Georgia was set to begin at 2:30 but the topic of discussion was instead all about the Iron Bowl. “If we can just fight through this, we can focus on Bama.” people would say. I confess even I was a bit skeptical about our chances against Georgia especially with some of their players that had been hurt coming back.

But I had faith, I had faith that we would battle and whether we won or lost our team would give em hell.

     Once 2:30 rolled around the town was still, the stadium was full and those who weren’t at the game were glued to a television. I sat at our tailgate with a group of friends cheering and shouting during the first half. And then the second half rolled around. If you watched our game you know that for Auburn, shit got crazy. Suddenly the win that I was so sure we had clenched had slipped right out of our fingers. To say I was nervous would be a massive understatement. Our Georgia friends of course were elated but every Auburn fan stood hands on head terrified that we were going to lose this thing.

And then there was a miracle.

     Nick Marshall with the help of Ricardo Louis pulled off a catch that will go down in football history as one of Auburn’s greatest football moments. The moment Louis crossed into the end zone everyone went wild. I am an Auburn Tiger I have loved and supported my team when they were winning and losing, and in a year from now I will be able to call myself an Auburn Alumni. I think most people know what it feels like to be an underdog and when you have a season like the one we had last year, having a season like the one we are in now makes it all that much sweeter.

I am proud of our tigers, I am proud to be an Auburn tiger and I am ready for Bama, win or lose! War Damn Eagle!

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