You Suck!


Dear fellow bloggers,

    Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t the “you sucks” supposed to start after you graduate? I am in an Environment and Literature Course this semester and for those of you who think “Oh that might be interesting!”, no it’s not. Contrary to what my advisor told me, this class is about birds.


    Nothing but different naturalist’s opinions of birds. We have written three papers so far and after the Thanksgiving break we will be responsible for submitting one final paper about how the class has helped us in our other classes.

    For starters let us address that the professor for this class has gone against everything that I have ever learned about writing. Instead of strong active sentences that clearly communicate a point, he values passive voice. Instead of shorter, impactful sentences, he values fluff. Don’t get me wrong, I am a creative writer living in a professional writing major, so I like a good bit of fluff myself, but only when it is appropriate.

So today in class we brainstormed what we could talk about in our final papers and the professor made a student volunteer a bit of their writing so that we could dissect it. (Yes unfortunately for that student that is what we did) As we are going along the professor directs us to a specific passage in which he turns and says “Alicia I want you to really pay attention to this.” Fluff. The detail that he wanted me to pay attention to was the way that, in the simplest terms, the student had called the mockingbird pretty. I value simplicity but I have also been taught that “the car is red” is a boring way to describe a vehicle.

So yes I will say that I feel defeated. As an English person I take pride in my writing abilities and today that pride was squashed. I expect this from employers, hell I even expect it from professors, when the corrections that they are giving me are logical. I resist his corrections because I don’t want to regress, I have come a long way in my writing. I was that cocky freshman that thought because I was an A student in high school English classes college would be the same. But I have improved tremendously, and I feel that in order to get an A in this class I have to throw all of that out of the window. So what do I do, dumb it down for the sake of the grade? Or stay true to good writing?


Stressed and Confused.


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