I just want a book

Image  After possibly the toughest semester that I have had in my college career I am home for the holidays. My family hasn’t done anything big for a couple of years now. We usually just hang out around the house, everyone happy to be done with school and work for a bit. Christmas day we wake up whenever we wish and open gifts. There really is no big tradition or grand occasion, it’s more about relaxing than anything.

As is the case every year my family and friends have asked me what I want for Christmas. This question has proven to be one of the hardest that anyone has ever asked me since I was about 16. I just ran out of things to ask for I suppose. It was so much easier when I was 8 and could write a list the length of a novel explaining all of the toys that I wanted. Now I just want books! I need text books for school, but more than that I need a good read. I haven’t read a book for entertainment since The Hunger Games. I want to read everything! There is a list of books that I am just dying to read, and so, while it might be the least exciting present to buy, I will be asking for books this year.


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