Keeping with Creativity

doing thisI recently made a list of things that I hope to accomplish this year, no not a list of resolutions but a list of simple goals that I believe will bring me long term results. Some of the things on my list are health related, there are a few things I’d like to do here at Auburn before I graduate, some of the goals are job related (as in get one!), and then there are those things that I think will help me to just be a better me.

I’ve been learning so much in my capstone course about technical communication, and I am thrilled because graduation is looming closer each day and I feel that I am in a place where I have a strong foundation of knowledge and skills that to offer any employer. With that being said I don’t want to ever lose touch of my creative side. I write everyday, as I promised myself that I would, but I have also taken a strong interest in photography recently. I have taken courses in which I have had to design websites and manuals, and all sorts of things and I always see the phtography that I use and think “wow I wish that I could do that!”

So I have decided to take my little digital camera (it’s nothing fancy), or my phone, and do the 30-day gratitude photo challenge. Unlike most of the other photo challenges that I have seen, this one isn’t about me. This challenge doesn’t ask me to take a single image of myself, and will allow me to explore photography and to expand my ability to think outside of the box. Why do it? Because above all of the things on my list I want to stop wishing I could do things and just do them. Everyday I will take a photo and post it here. No matter how good or bad the quality of the photo.

I apologize in advance.


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