Day 3: Spring time


Happy Easter everyone!


Day 3: Spring time


Happy Easter everyone!

Day 2: One Last Meet


Last time looking at this piece of technology before graduation.


Day 1: Some Really Exciting Words


Keeping with Creativity

doing thisI recently made a list of things that I hope to accomplish this year, no not a list of resolutions but a list of simple goals that I believe will bring me long term results. Some of the things on my list are health related, there are a few things I’d like to do here at Auburn before I graduate, some of the goals are job related (as in get one!), and then there are those things that I think will help me to just be a better me.

I’ve been learning so much in my capstone course about technical communication, and I am thrilled because graduation is looming closer each day and I feel that I am in a place where I have a strong foundation of knowledge and skills that to offer any employer. With that being said I don’t want to ever lose touch of my creative side. I write everyday, as I promised myself that I would, but I have also taken a strong interest in photography recently. I have taken courses in which I have had to design websites and manuals, and all sorts of things and I always see the phtography that I use and think “wow I wish that I could do that!”

So I have decided to take my little digital camera (it’s nothing fancy), or my phone, and do the 30-day gratitude photo challenge. Unlike most of the other photo challenges that I have seen, this one isn’t about me. This challenge doesn’t ask me to take a single image of myself, and will allow me to explore photography and to expand my ability to think outside of the box. Why do it? Because above all of the things on my list I want to stop wishing I could do things and just do them. Everyday I will take a photo and post it here. No matter how good or bad the quality of the photo.

I apologize in advance.

Bridging the Gap Between Art and Science

Sometimes the best way to understand how to move forward is to take a look back. Looking back over some of the papers that I have written over my college career I discovered some things that I could have done better, and a few mistakes. I also found some things that I did really well. Two years ago I took an Environmental Literature course. We spent the first half of the semester studying Audubon and writing short essays about what we learned. For the latter part of the semester we took class trips to the university arboretum, sometimes with a guide and other times exploring on our own.

Throught the course of the class I learned how to take my writing skills and combine them with the scientific knowledge that I was learning. The professor was enthusiastc about teaching us how to write about science in a way that was creative and full of emotion and passion, something that I hadn’t realized was possible in writing for science.

This new approach to scientific writing inspired the topic of one of my essays for the course. In the essay I wrote about how scientific writing doesn’t always take the form of the cold, clinical statistics and technical jargon that we are used to. I used Audubon’s Birds of America to provide examples for how scientific writing can be aesthetic and more importantly how English, in regard to writing, and science can sometimes have signifigant overlap.

“In the world of writing it is common for the scientific and the aesthetic to be compared, and in most cases dismissed as completely different entities. But why is this, is one better than the other well certainly not.”

For my paper to be effective I needed to use some of my rhetorical skills. I needed to establish a level of ethos in order to make my discussion relevant. To do so I used what I can now define as Nullius in Verba or “On the word of no man”. I quoted Audubon to support my argument, in the hopes of gaining some authority for myself in the eyes of my audience. To establish Logos I asked the question, as you can see above, what makes one field better than the other and then went on to attempt to explain the ways in which the two fields can work as compliments.

The best part about reflecting over old papers is discovering how far I have come. In the essay that I wrote I didn’t discuss the ways in which technical writers bring English and science together as they create documents. I wasn’t aware that I, an English major, could build a website for a scientific, or any other company that is technically sound as well as aesthetically pleasing. I didn’t fully understand the range of English, and the skills that I would gain in studying it, would give me.

Thanks to a few great professors I understand now. So when my friends studying various sciences joke about my English degree, I laugh right along with them because little do they know we could be working together in the future.

Who am I and What Can I do for You?

In the hi-tech media-centered world of today if you do not have an online presence you are pretty much invisible. Sure you can still find a job the old fashioned way, mailing or even e-mailing an employer your resume, but having an online presence is essential to making yourself known. When employers search for me online they will more than likely find my Facebook page, and might come across my blog, here. However these two representations of me do little to promote my technical communication skills, or to promote me to future employers.

Thankfully it is a requirement for my capstone course that I create an e-portfolio and publish it for everyone, and anyone to see. YIKES! I am grateful that this assignment, something I might not have thought to do on my own, has been given to me. I get to create a website with the cushion of a professor that will help me every step of the way. I wish it were that simple.

There are endless benefits to having an e-portfolio. An e-portfolio allows you to get more personal than is generally acceptable on a résumé, you can add images of yourself that further illustrate your accomplishments, it’s easy to find, and most of all it’s permanent.

PERMANENT!? As in never ever goes away.

So, you see, it is of the upmost importance that I build a website that shows off all of my skills and accomplishments in the best possible way. No pressure. Thankfully this assignment is due at the end of the semester so I have plenty of time to make it the best that it can be. I assumed going into this assignment that it would be easy to create something about myself.


It is stressful to write about yourself when you know that the world can see it and it could be the difference between you getting or not getting a job. I have always been aware of my presence on social media and the repercussions  that could follow a bad decision on Instagram or Facebook. I steer clear of any photos that could jeopardize  my future, and feel just as strongly about what I put on my e-portfolio. Like anyone else I want to show my bestself online. I want to show what I am capeable of and how I can be beneficial to future employers.

So as I sit down to write the text for the about me page I ask myself, in a professional sense, who am I? And what do I bring to the table?