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Who am I and What Can I do for You?

In the hi-tech media-centered world of today if you do not have an online presence you are pretty much invisible. Sure you can still find a job the old fashioned way, mailing or even e-mailing an employer your resume, but having an online presence is essential to making yourself known. When employers search for me online they will more than likely find my Facebook page, and might come across my blog, here. However these two representations of me do little to promote my technical communication skills, or to promote me to future employers.

Thankfully it is a requirement for my capstone course that I create an e-portfolio and publish it for everyone, and anyone to see. YIKES! I am grateful that this assignment, something I might not have thought to do on my own, has been given to me. I get to create a website with the cushion of a professor that will help me every step of the way. I wish it were that simple.

There are endless benefits to having an e-portfolio. An e-portfolio allows you to get more personal than is generally acceptable on a résumé, you can add images of yourself that further illustrate your accomplishments, it’s easy to find, and most of all it’s permanent.

PERMANENT!? As in never ever goes away.

So, you see, it is of the upmost importance that I build a website that shows off all of my skills and accomplishments in the best possible way. No pressure. Thankfully this assignment is due at the end of the semester so I have plenty of time to make it the best that it can be. I assumed going into this assignment that it would be easy to create something about myself.


It is stressful to write about yourself when you know that the world can see it and it could be the difference between you getting or not getting a job. I have always been aware of my presence on social media and the repercussions  that could follow a bad decision on Instagram or Facebook. I steer clear of any photos that could jeopardize  my future, and feel just as strongly about what I put on my e-portfolio. Like anyone else I want to show my bestself online. I want to show what I am capeable of and how I can be beneficial to future employers.

So as I sit down to write the text for the about me page I ask myself, in a professional sense, who am I? And what do I bring to the table?