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Growing up

I’ve been told, as I am sure we all have, that growing up is hard. Suddenly you are responsible for keeping the power on, and paying rent, and buying groceries. These things that, for years, had all been taken care of by someone else are suddenly your responsibility. They, those older and wiser people that we thought had no idea what they were talking about for many of our young years, tell us to try to stay a child as long as we can because being an adult can really be tuff sometimes.

What they don’t always tell us is that one of THE hardest parts of growing up is watching people pass in and out of your life. When I was a freshman I was lucky enough to meet a really great group of people. We had a pretty big group and did almost everything together. By the second semester of my freshman year it became pretty obvious that not everyone that was in the group would stay in the group. But that was okay because those of us that continued to hang out realized how much we really valued each other’s friendship. I am still friends with two of those girls today and I am so happy that I met them and got to experience college with them. But one of those girls graduated last May and the other will graduate in this coming December, whereas I will not graduate until May 2015.

We are all headed in separate directions and while we promise to keep in touch, the fact is that more often than not, people in our situations eventually lose touch. People get married, and have children, and life just happens. My best friend and I have been really talking about our future plans lately because this is my last year at the university. I plan to try to find a job in Atlanta after school and then hopefully someday in New York City. She doesn’t plan on leaving the state. And while I am happy that she has possibly found that someone, I would be lying if I said that the thought of all of that change didn’t scare me. When you have a person in your life that you see everyday, and that knows you better than anyone in the world, and gets your odd sense of humor, and shamelessly gushes over a tv show with you it’s hard to think of not being around them anymore.

I consider myself lucky to have already met so many wonderful people, and to have gotten to learn from them and experience great friendships. But, for me, the hardest part of growing up has been learning to accept the fact that people come and go in your life, and that you just have to enjoy the time that you have with them and be grateful that you had that time. Change is a good thing. And who knows, maybe someday I will be in New York City celebrating my bestseller and my friends will be right there by my side.